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About us

The masterminds behind this diabolical invention.

The creators of Weebleding used to burn things, eat the lime off the walls, and scoop up soil from flower pots with dessert spoons when they were kids. Now they’ve found other activities.

These guys have set out to do other things in a unique, original, and creative way. Let’s see if they can pull it off!

For this reason, on this site we present other peculiar and crazy things, much like the creators themselves.

Even so, we’re all here like a bunch of crazies. We hope this doesn’t surprise you.

Sometimes “Kenowi” loses a couple of neurons and stares absent-mindedly at the ceiling for a long time. He becomes so detached from reality that it seems like he’s entered a portal to another dimension. And this really bugs us because we have to give him electric shocks to bring him back to reality.

The “Nerys girl” is a nerd even weirder than a sandwich filled with lentils, but that’s not the issue. The problem is that for breakfast, she puts frozen Coca-Cola cubes in her coffee instead of milk. And this drives us all crazy.

The “Axel,” on the other hand, is one of the more normal ones. Poor guy has Asperger’s syndrome and is always a bit displaced from the group.

And the rest of the gang isn’t doing so hot either. We think the pandemic has left us with some irreversible sequelae. So, we’re making a solidarity call from here. If you know of any good professionals in psychology or group therapy, please let them know about our disorders.

All for the good of this community!

Thanks in advance.

If you’re one of those who often loses it, don’t worry about a thing. We understand perfectly because our minds explode every day.

This is your spot! We hope you have fun!